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Dlinkap.local is the configuration web address that configures and manages the settings of Dlink extenders. You can also enter instead of entering web domain. If you are facing problems with the Dlink extender setup process don’t worry! You have come to the right place. We are gonna discuss all the setup methods below.

Methods To Setup Dlink Extender

There are three methods for setup your extender. Let’s choose the easy method to setup your extender, 

  • Through Setup Wizard Page.
  • Through Wps Button.
  • Through QRS Mobile App.

 Let’s begin Dlink extender setup through setup wizard page method.

Dlink Wireless Extender Setup Through Wizard Page

  • Plugin the extender in the electric outlet and wait for the LED to blink.
  • Go to the Wifi option in the device you’re using.
  • Tap on the wireless network named (Dlink-3006) or according to your model number.
  • Enter the password given on the extender and connect to the default connection.
  • Match the IP address in the connection settings.
  • Open the web browser as of your choice.
  • Enter http://dlinkap.local in the URL bar of your browser.
  • The setup wizard page appears and guides to configuring your extender.
  • If it does not appear click on the uplink router
  • Click On Next.
  • Click on extend an existing wireless network.
  • Wait till it’s looking for a Wifi router around.
  • Choose the wifi network you would like to extend.
  • Enter the wifi router password for your existing wifi network.
  • Click on Next.
  • Give the name and password of your extended wifi network.
  • Now after setting click on next.
  • Now give the login password to the extended Dlink.
  • Click on finish.
  • Check the LED is blinking green on the device.
  • Now go to wifi connections and connect to a new connection found there.
  • Enter the password created for wifi connections.
  • Now you can access wifi from any area of your home.
  • Your extender setup is completed now.

Add The Bookmark Of Setup Wizard Page

After setup up your extender, it’s better to save the bookmark of your setup wizard page. Click on the star located in the search URL bar and save the page.

Dlink Wireless Extender Setup By WPS Button:

  • Place your Dlink extender near the existing wireless network.
  • Check the orange light blinking on the extender to make sure your extender is turned on.
  • Press the WPS button on the existing wireless network.
  • Within 2 minutes press the WPS button on the Dlink extender.
  • Check if it turns solid green it means that the connection between the D-Link extender and the router is established.
  • Now you can place your extender anywhere you want to extend the network.
  • Once the extender setup is complete, the extended network is broadcast as EXT.
  • You can connect the extender network using the same password as of the existing network.

Dlink Extender Setup Through QRS Mobile App:

  • Connect the device to the power socket.
  • Wait till the light blinks red.
  • Open the App store and get the D-link QRS mobile app.
  • Connect the default Wifi network of your extender with SSID and password mentioned on the device.
  • Launch the QRS mobile app.
  • Click on start to proceed.
  • The app will detect the operation mode of the device.
  • Click next to proceed.
  • The app will scan for available Wifi networks.
  • Select the wifi router which you want to extend.
  • Enter the password of the Wifi network you want to extend.
  • Assign network name and password.
  • Assign Admin password and click next.
  • Check the configured settings before licking save.
  • Reboot the device.
  • You have successfully configured the D’Link extender through the QRS mobile app.

Dlink Extender Login Process

  • If you want to change something in extender settings then open setup wizard exist.
  • Click on the extender wireless network in your phone or computer then enter the password.
  • Enter the
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Click next.
  • Wait for configuration page and open the setup wizard.
  • After doing any changes reboot the D-link extender.

Fix Dlinkap.local Setup Wizard Page Not Working Issue

  • Check your router is establishing the proper internet connection.
  • Use the default IP address .
  • Go to the CMD Prompt.
  • Enter ipconfig.
  • Match the default IP address i.e
  • Enter the default credentials as username admin and password is blank. 

Fix Dlink Extender Not Connecting

  • Unplug the extender from the wall outlet.
  • Plug back after 30 seconds.
  • Place an extender near the router.
  • Tap the WPS button on the extender until the lights blinking.
  • With WPS setup you can directly access the Configuration page, you don’t need to go through the web address.

Dlink Extender Firmware Update

  • Go to dlink.com and select the model of your extender.
  • Download the firmware there.
  • Login to setup wizard page.
  • Go to Settings option.
  • Choose management settings
  • Click Automatic update if you have fast internet speed or you can manually upload the firmware file there.