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How To Setup Dlink Dir 650 Router Wireless N300?

dlink dir 650 router setup

We are setting up the DLink Dir 650 router, which has an inbuilt repeater feature.
So at the back of the router, you will see these various ports. So this is the Van Port. These three are the LAN ports, the power button, and the power Port. So let’s configure the router for your computer or mobile phone.

Physical Connections Of Dlink Dir 650 Router

So start with connecting

  • So start with connecting the power cable to the power cord, which is right here.
  • First of all, insert the ISP cable in the LAN Port.
  • Now you have to connect the ethernet cabel to PC.
  • Once you have connected the old charger-type adaptor in the port and the other end in the electric socket.
  • So physical connections are done.
  • So let’s head into the computer to make the rest of the settings.

Dlink Dir 650 Router Configuration

  • So once you are on the computer, Open a new window and type http://dlinkrouter.local in the address bar, and press enter.
  • Enter sign-in with a username and password. You’ll find these details on the backside sticker of your outer.
  • Enter both the username and password and press sign in.
  • So here you will get the page where you have to configure the details for your router.
  • Choose the router network name.
  • Select a password of your own choice once you’re done.
  • Click on save and apply so it will take some time for the settings to get saved.
  • Now you get disconnected because now your connection name has changed.
  • Find your new connection and get connected to it.
  • Enter the password, which we set to get connected.
  • Visit the Advanced tab and enter your credentials.
  • Sign in to make sure that everything is up and running.
  • So in the management tab, you’ll find the IP address has assigned
  • Make sure that your Internet is operational, let’s go and open a website and it’s working.

So your router has been set. Enjoy the hassle-free internet.

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