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How To Reset Dlink Wireless Router Password?

reset dlink wireless router password

Have you configured your router and lost your password?

Now you are not able to access the wifi network because you don’t recollect the wifi password for your router.

So, how do you solve this?

Let’s do the following steps to reset the Dlink wireless router password.

  • Reset the router by pressing the reset button with the help of a paper pin.
  • Hold the reset button at least 10 sec till all four lights become one.
  • Power off the router by pressing the power off/on button situated at the backside.
  • Also power it off from the electric switch where the adaptor is inserted.
  • After 20 sec power it on from the electric switch and from the router button as well.
  • Now your router is fresh like new.
  • Plug in the broadband cable in the ethernet port called the ‘phone’.
  • Now your router has internet signals.
  • Check the name of your wifi in the configuration card.
  • Open the phone wifi panel and connect with the Wifi .
  • Enter dlinkrouter.local in the address bar of the browser.
  • Fill the username as admin and leave the password empty.
  • Enter the credentials which your internet service provider gave you at the time of connection. And click next.
  • Now give your device a name of your choice.
  • Also choose a strong password  which you remember easily.
  • Also setup the 5ghz password as you did before,click next.
  • Select the timezone for your country, click next.
  • Review the summary page, click next.
  • Wait for 20 sec,then go to the wifi panel and connect with the wifi name you set previously.
  • Now enter your device password which you have set before.
  • Now your Dlink wireless router password is reset successfully.

    You can reset your router password by diresct loggin the dlink setup wizard page and change the password according to your requirements

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