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How to Configure Parental Controls on Your D-Link Router?

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Hey everyone, today I’ll show you how you can protect your internet from children. In this article, you will be able to learn how to configure parental control on your DLink router. We discussed steps that will be similar to your other DLink routers. After creating a parental control profile to easily manage online schedules for your selected devices.

Steps To Configure Parental Control On Dlink Router 

  • Ensure you’re connected to your DLink Routers WiFi signal.

  • Let’s first determine that the devices you want to schedule are listed. Tap Clients Now only connected devices will be shown in this list.

  • Ensure the device you want to apply the parental controls to is online.

  • To determine the correct device, Tap on an unknown device and record its IP address.

  • You will need to then check the IP address of the device itself to confirm it is the correct one. 

  • Once confirmed, you can then rename the device for easy reference.Tap the checkmark to save the changes.

  • Once your devices are listed, tap on the button situated on your device’s backside.

  • Tap on the Settings icon on the top right-hand side.

  • Tap Parental Control Tap Add a profile here we will enter a name for your profile. 

  • Once done tap next on the top right-hand side the app will show you how the scheduler works. 

  • Tap Next tap got it here we will create a schedule for my kid’s devices. 

  • The time you select will be the time the devices are allowed to access the Internet.To set up the schedule, tap and drag the desired time and repeat for each day.Once done, tap next on the top right-hand side now we can apply the schedule to the devices. 

  • Go ahead and tap on the devices you want to block. Once you’ve selected your devices, tap down on the top right-hand side Parental controls are now configured.

  •  You can create multiple profiles if needed by tapping at a profile and repeating the steps.

  • Otherwise, tap the back button on your device to go back to the Settings menu, then tap the back button again to go back to the dashboard to check which devices are currently blocked.

  • Based on the Parental Control Profile Tap client here, any block devices will be displayed under the Block section.


Thank you for reading the article, I hope now you are able to safeguard your internet from your children’s. For more interesting guides explore our website.

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