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D’Link Dir 841 Router Setup & Installation Guide

dlink dir 841 router setup

The D-Link model Dir 841, 1100 is a dual-band router. This router can provide you with speeds of up to 1200 Mbps.

So if you turn to the back of the box, you’ll find a detailed description of the various features. So let’s just open up the box to check out the content, and here we have our router, so just stick it out of its packaging.

As you can see, this router has four antennas to avoid any dead spots and give you wide coverage. It has the Van Port and four Lan ports. It also has a WPS and WiFi button and power Port. So let’s just check out what else we have in the box. So there is this power adapter and the Ethernet cable which you will use to connect your router to the computer.

And also some documentation includes your quick installation guide, your warranty information, and there is this WiFi configuration card that has your SSID and password, which you can use to connect to the network. So let’s see how to get this router connected.

Steps To Setup Physical Connection Of Your Dlink Dir 841 Router

  • So to begin with, you will have to take your power adapter and insert the cable in the power Port and the other end into the wall socket.
  • Then you have to take your Internet service provider cable and insert it into the Van Port.
  • Lastly, insert your Ethernet cable. You can insert it in any of these LAN ports and the other end of this cable.
  • Once you put on the power button, your Power Led will glow. And also will your Van Led.
  • There will also be an Led glowing indicating which Landport you are connected to.
  • Once it starts emitting the WiFi signal, the WiFi LED will glow.

Steps For Configuration Setup Of Dlink Dir 841 Router

  •  So let’s just quickly go into the computer and configure our router. 
  • So to begin with the process, you’ll have to open your Web browser and go to the address bar and type the IP address 192 168.01 or www.dlinkrouter.local
  • So you’ll be taken to this page. This is your wizard opening page, so you have to click on the Start button, select your language’s English, press yes, and then click on continue.
  •  So you will be asked to select your connection method. So since we are configuring this device as a router, we will select a wired connection and the work mode as a router, and click on next. 
  • So this is where you will be asked to select your Internet connection type.
  • Select that this information is provided to you by your Internet service provider along with your username and password. 
  • So you have to enter the username and password provided by your service provider. 
  • So if you are provided with the service name by your service provider, you can enter it here. If not, you can just keep it empty and then you have to scroll down and click on next.
  • Make these settings twice: once for the two 4 GHz networks and one for the5Ghz.
  •  So the network name here is something you can change if you want or you can keep it as it is, and the same goes for the password. It is ideal to change the password to something that is better for you.
  • Keep the password and username the same and then click on next. 
  • So here you have to set the details for the 5 GHz network. 
  • So again you can change the name to something of your own choice, or you can keep it as a disk. 
  • So I’ll leave it as it is and go next. So these two sections you can skip.
  • You can press next for both these pages. So this is where you’ll be asked to set up your interface password. 
  • So this is the password which you’ll use to access your router. So set it to something that you can remember and then press next.
  • So you’ll be shown a summary of all the settings that you’ve just
  • Just cross checked to see whether you’ve got everything right. And once you’re sure to click on apply, it might take a while.
  • So as you can see, it is saying that it is applying the settings, so just sit back and relax while it does the job.
  • So as you can see, your configurations have been applied so you can click on next and now you can connect to the new WiFi connection which you have just applied. 
  • Select the name of the network and type in the new password that you have set and click on join and then check.
  • So once your device is configured, it is going to check for a firmware update and you can see you have a new firmware update available so you can get your firmware upgraded right now or you can also do it at a later time.
  • So for now I’m going to skip that, but it is advisable for you to do it. So the connection to the Internet is configured and ready to use. 
  • So you have to click on finish and that will take you to this page that essentially concludes our configuration.
  • But just to check whether everything is fine, we will go to the router setup page.
  • If you go to the summary section, you will see that the connection type is PPPoE, it is connected and the IP address is showing.
  • Just to be absolutely certain that your Internet is working, open a new tab and open any website. 
  • Open the D’Link website and it is working. So this is exactly how easy it is to set up your device as a router. 
  • So let’s just quickly go ahead and see how we can set up the same device as a repeater.
  • So similar to our previous setup, we have to go ahead and open the Web browser, go to the address bar and type the IP address 192 1680. One and press enter.
  • You will be taken to this wizard page just like before. So click on the Start button and select your languages English and press. Continue.
  • So you’ll be asked to select your connection method, and since we are configuring it as a repeater, will select WiFi and select the mode as Repeater mode and press on next. So in this section you have to allocate an IP address to your repeater.
  • You can do this automatically or you can do it manually, but we recommend that you do it manually because then you can use the same IP address to access the configuration of your repeater.
  • If you do it automatically, then you won’t have to enter anything. It will just do everything else for you.
  • But if you want to do it manually, there are a few ways to do it. So if you’re on a Windows computer, you can open command prompt and type IP config and you’ll get the IP address of the network that you are connected to and wish to repeat.
  • If you’re on a Mac computer, you can go into your network preferences and in the advanced section, you’ll find a TCP IP tab where you can find the IP address of your main router to which you are connected
  • If you’re on a cell phone, you can select the network that you’re connected to and wish to repeat and check out the properties or details, depending upon what model you are using and you’ll get the IP address.

I hope you have successfully setup your Dlink Dir 841 router easily.

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