Dlinkrouter.Local How It Works?

Basically, Dlinkrouter.local is a Dlink router configuration web domain, which is used for router configuration setup and manage the router settings. The web domain redirects to the Ip address and opens the router wizard page.

Quite frustrating, When you Hit the web domain as a result, the browser redirects you to search, Right? Well, there could be many reasons for http://dlinkrouter.local not working. Without passing any time, Following the quick steps below will help you to fix this issue and complete the Dlink router setup.

Steps To Fix Dlinkrouter.local Not Working

dlinkrouter.local not working
  • Open the setup wiazrd page by entering the default IP address”, instead of searching, web domain again and again.

  • Avoid entering incorrect spellings of web domain, Match the spellings from configuration card.

  • Try to use another browser once, sometimes enough browser cache & cookies can be a hindrance to open the web domain.

  • Usually, clearing the browser cache and cookies of your browser, make sure there is no problem from your end.

  • Sometimes third-party VPN software can be a hindrance for dlinkrouter.local not working, If you are using, Un-install immediately.

  • Check all wire connections, sometimes poor wire connections can be the reason for the web addresses not working.

  • Reset your router by pressing the reset button with the help of a small paper pin.

  • Immediately, Disable the Antivirus software, if you are using it on your computer.

Complete Dlink Router Setup

If your web domain is working well now, that means your physical connections already inserted, Let’s not waste the time, jump to the configuration setup section. Follow the one by one step below for Dlink router setup. 

Dlink Router Physical Connection Setup

  • Plug the power adaptor in electric switch, and the other end in the power port. Ensure the power LED blinking solid green on the router.  

  • Plug the broadband connection wire in the yellow “WAN” port. also, plug the ethernet cable in the “LAN” port and other end in the computer LAN port respectively.

  • Ensure LED is blinking on the “LAN” port of your computer as well as the “LAN” LED blinking on your router.

  • Also, you can see the internet lights up means a broadband connection link is coming.

Dlink Router Configutaion Setup Automatically

dlink router setup configuration
  • At the begining, opening the setup wizard page by entering http://dlinkrouter.local or on browser address bar.

  • Select the connection type DHCP. You can select according to your ISP provider, Click on save and connect.

  • Now, the login page of the Dlink router configuration appears. Enter the username Admin and leave the password field blank.

  • The router setup wizard page appears, click on the “internet setup”.

  • Choose the “intenet connection setup wizard” option. This will automaticlaly, configure your Ip address and network settings.

  • if you are familier with Dlink routers you can manually, configure your router by following steps below.

Dlink Router Configutaion Setup Manually

  • Select “PPPOE” as “WAN” access type, set the username and password of your choice.

  • Select “continuous” as your connection type. Click on apply changes.

  • Click on the local network and enter in the DNS server 1, enter in the DNS server 2. Click on “apply changes”.

  • Open the wireless tab and change the Network name (SSID) or you can leave it the same.

  • Select the channel 11 or you can make it as it is, In the security options select “WEP” now, set the password in the Key1 tab.

  • There is the condition to set the password, the numbers should be 0 to 9 or the alphabets should be A to F. Also, can’t use special characters.

  • If you select the WPA-PSK you can use all numbers, special characters, and alphabets. Enter pre-shared key as of your choice.

  • Click on apply, now the wifi router is configured for the internet. You can click on status and scroll down, you can see the link up in status.

  • Finally, check your internet by opening any website, You can also, check the wireless connections. Open the wifi connections.

  • Click on the wifi network name you setup before, enter the password and click connect. Now, your router configured for LAN as well wifi.
dlink router setup configuration

How to Change Dlink Router Wifi Password?

  • Visit the setup wizard page, Dlink router login window appeared.

  • Now, Enter the credentials, username as Admin and leave the password field blank. Click login, a configuration window will appear.

  • Click on tools, In the admin password section enter the same password in both fields. Click on the save settings button.

  • Now again go to Dlink router login window and enter the new password you have created.

Upgrade Dlink Router Firmware - Quick And Simple

  • Go to dlink.com official website, select your router model number.

  • Download the latest firmware file for your router and go to the Dlink router configuration page.

  • Click on the firmware tab, upload your downloded file.

  • Make sure you can have good internet speed, If yes you can click on upgrade frimware automatically.

dlinkrouter.local firmware upgrade